Silver Sand Beach Resort

Silver Sand Beach Resort is 57km northeast of Port Blair, on Havelock Island. The resort is just off the Vijaynagar Beach (Beach No. 5). The beach at the resort is a long, winding stretch of sand with forests on one side. Radhanagar Beach is located close to the resort, too. You can walk down in the evenings to it and watch the sunset.


Our resort offers 34 luxurious AC cottages and bungalows. They are named Andaman Villa, Andaman Cottage and Andaman Lagoon. It is an environment of relaxation and comfort that combines all benefits of fitness and health. The interiors are cozy and beautiful. With the lagoon close to the resort, you can go for boating and fishing there.


The resort’s multi-cuisine restaurant and bar offer varieties of dishes and drinks for the guests. You can probably learn a thing or two about the local cuisine from us. The Travel Desk gives you many options for your travels and trips. We can hire boat for you, too.


The Scubaworld diving Centre has on offer many day trips for certified divers and PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) diving courses for beginners as well as experienced divers.Waters in Andaman are crystal clear to suit diving, especially late evenings and nights.



Island Resorts

Island Resorts

The white sandy beaches, blue waters, and coral reefs with lot of marine life including dolphins, turtles and fish are a great way to spend your evenings. It’s an ideal location for scuba diving.

Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving

The best way to enjoy underwater life is to go Scuba diving. Beginners as well as experienced divers can find a lot of places to dive. Different colours and varieties of corals can be seen here.

Cruise Lines

Cruise Ship

The Andaman group of Islands is well connected by air and sea. Passenger ship services are available to Port Blair from Chennai, Kolkata and Vishakapatnam