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Cellular Jail
Built by the British in 1906 as a penal establishment, this is a landmark of the Andamans. It used to have 698 exclusive and isolated cells and so it was named cellular jail. In 1997 it became a national monument.A Light and Sound show is held in the late evenings in English and Hindi. It narrates stories of the Indian freedom struggle. There’s also an art gallery and a Museum.The Cellular jail stands as a historic witness to the struggle of India’s gallant freedom fighters. The cells were dark and damp. Without proper water, food and sanitation the prisoners lived through their prison sentences worse than animals. They weren’t even allowed to meet with each other and the guards often tortured them.


Sippighat Farm
This government farm is 14km away from Port Blair. It covers about 80acres in area and it is used for research on and cultivation of spices such as cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon, coconut and pepper. The Research and Demonstration farm of the Central Agricultural Research Institute (CARI) is located nearby.


Viper Island
This is one place Indians should all visit, especially those who are patriotic. For it used to be where freedom fighters were held prisoners. Dangerous criminals and freedom fighters from the penal settlement were brought here. Those who underwent a hunger strike were brought here and put through a lot of torture. Many Indians were hanged here, too. Owing to the working conditions during the construction of the jail it earned the notorious name of Viper Chain Gang Jail.


This mangrove section is located 17km south of Diglipur. The creeks are worth exploring and you can go kayaking in it right upto Mayabunder in Middle Andaman. There’s a crocodile bank in the area. Avid nature lovers will find this place absolutely stunning.


Baludera beach
It is only nine km from Nilambur, on the eastern side of Baratang Island. The beach is a great place to camp. The private agencies here offer huts and tents for guests. Guests can go for elephant rides here.


It is situated in North Andaman Island. This place is famous for its oranges, rice and marine life. Saddle Peak, 732m, the highest point in the islands is located nearby. The lone river in the Andamans, Kalpong, has its source here. The first hydroelectric project of the islands is coming up over this river. Beaches nearby are famous for turtle nesting.


Gandhi Park
Gandhi Park includes a Children’s Park, a Japanese temple, Water Sports complex, a Deer and Bird Park, and a restaurant. It used to be the Dilthaman Tank earlier, which used to be the island’s main supply of water.


Chatham Saw Mill
It is one of the oldest and largest mills in Asia. It’s situated on a tiny island and is connected to Port Blair by a bridge. You can avail a guide who will take you through the entire process - logs being unloaded, sorted, cut, planed and finally stored in warehouses to be shipped to the mainland.


It is a store-house of timber like Padauk, Gurjan, Marble, Satin Wood, etc. The island has the second largest wharf on these islands, where the ships from island and mainland berth. Since the 1970s, logging on the islands has been banned and most of the wood now comes by ship from Malaysia, Myanmar and Thailand.


Corbyn’s Cove
It is 7 kms from the city and is one of the most attractive beaches in the Andamans. There is a Tourism Complex, a restaurant, bar and a changing room. It is a popular area for diving, swimming, and surfing.


ZSI Museum
It’s the Zoological Survey of India Museum and Research Library. Situated at Delanipur, it has information on various kinds of corals, centipedes, sponges, butterflies and many more.


Chidiya Tapu
It’s located at the southern end of South Andaman. It is only 25kms from the Port Blair. It is famous as a Bird Island. The coral studded waters and mangroves attract a lot of tourists and trekkers. There is a forest guesthouse too here.


Anthropological Museum
It was set up in the year 1975. It displays tribal essentials and artifacts such as boats, weapons, baskets, clothing, photographs, models and records of exploratory expeditions undertaken over the years. A well-stocked library provides invaluable references to the island’s tribal culture.


Mini Zoo
In this Miniature Zoo you can find rare species of animals, birds and plants that are found only on these islands. It is going to be relocated to Chidiya Tapu soon.


Mount Harriet
The summer headquarters of the Chief Commissioner during the British Raj, this highest point near Port Blair is an ideal place for a picnic or a trek. About 55 km from Port Blair by road and 15 km by ferry, Mount Harriet has a Forest Guest House with lovely huts at a height of 365 m.


Jarawa Trip
The Jarawas are a tribal group of people inhabiting the islands. On the way to Middle Andamans, you can see little groups of Jarawas appearing on the roadside. Tourists are prohibited to offer them anything or take photographs.


Aam Kunj Beach
The longest beach in Rangat Island is a fine holiday spot. It has a small commercial centre and a few hotels on the beach side. The beach can be reached by taking a jeep or autorickshaw from Rangat Jetty.


Havelock Island
This island has two great beaches and many resorts. There are trekking routes within the islands and there is a lot of scope for adventure sports like surfing, water skiing, snorkeling and deep sea fishing.


Indira Point
The farthest part of Nicobar is Campbell Bay and the end of it is called Indira Point. The historical name of this place is ‘Nakkavaram’ and is mentioned in ancient Tamil literature.You can find turtles and crocodiles here. It is only 60 miles to Indonesia from this point.



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Island Resorts

Island Resorts

The white sandy beaches, blue waters, and coral reefs with lot of marine life including dolphins, turtles and fish are a great way to spend your evenings. It’s an ideal location for scuba diving.

Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving

The best way to enjoy underwater life is to go Scuba diving. Beginners as well as experienced divers can find a lot of places to dive. Different colours and varieties of corals can be seen here.

Cruise Lines

Cruise Ship

The Andaman group of Islands is well connected by air and sea. Passenger ship services are available to Port Blair from Chennai, Kolkata and Vishakapatnam